Morning Motivator - OK, Impress Me!

"The most common trouble with advertising is that it tries too hard to impress people."
- James Randolph Adams

Under promise and over deliver. Interesting concept, huh? I always wondered why I struggled with this so much. I know many others do as well. Most people over assess their capability and under perform when called upon.

What if we change it to "promise and impress"? Take away the ability for someone to "under promise" which, to me, seems very easily achieved by lying or understating the truth. Change over deliver to "impress" as it seems impossible to "over" deliver as you either meet needs or do not.

I like the idea of confidently knowing what I am capable of (which is the most difficult aspect of this new theory) and then delivering with such high consistency people are impressed at your effectiveness. I would rather you think highly of me and let me prove it, than to have low expectations I am always seeking to overcome. Does that make any sense??

2 DEGREE SUCCESS STEP: Consider the people you trust most. Is it because you have such low expectations of them to do anything meaningful in your life that you are overwhelmed every time they "show up" for you? HELL NO!

The people you love and cherish are the ones that impress you with their capabilities. You are drawn to their personality, drive, creativity, passion, intelligence and much more. You know they will disappoint, but it is their impressive nature that keeps you connected.

What if your client were as drawn to your impressive nature as much as to the fact that you always send a report back within 24 hours? What if they were more impressed by your inference into the report and the ability to identify areas of improvement within that report that is consistently sent with 24 hours? Now we are talking...

Just delivering is like taking care of your children or going to work. You are not awarded for doing the things you are supposed to. It is when you do something - consistently - that impresses and captures others.

Stop trying to over deliver and start trying to IMPRESS! Do it consistently and you will find much comes to those who impress...



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Morning Motivator - Plant the Seed

"Just having the thought starts the success."
- Anonymous

When was the last time you planted the idea of your success? Do you even believe that you can control your success? Do you believe that it is something that results from lots of effort?

Much of innovation in our era is based off of creative imagination and belief in engineering. Creatives "plant the seed" that something can be manufactured, the someone with the "want" goes out and makes it happen.

The ability to create from concept is how success is manufactured.

2 DEGREE SUCCESS STEP: Creative planning is not something that should be done in an annual planning session. It is something that should be an integral part of your weekly workload.

Consider Google. They do not jus encourage, but require, that employees spend 20% of their week (or 1 of their 5 workdays) working on personal creative projects. They WANT their people to plan for innovation and success beyond their "grind."

Are you spending time focusing on new innovation? Do you invest in planning future successes? As you planning on ways to plant the seed for new, better ways to do more for you and your business?

Maybe it is time...



Morning Motivator- Achievement is built

"Success is process, not a microwave dinner."
- Unknown

Special thanks to my good friend, Josh Anderson of Keller Williams real estate, in Nashville, TN. for todays MM.

Achievement is built on challenge. Achievement is built on setbacks and frustrations.

Achievement is built when conditions are difficult. Achievement is built when the direction of the economy is uncertain, and when there's no guarantee of success.

And achievement is indeed built, for it is not inevitable. Achievement happens because people choose to make it happen.

Achievement is built on meaningful intention, with devotion, persistent action and plain old hard work. Achievement is built on the desire to make a difference, and on the commitment to fulfill that desire no matter what.

Yes, of course there are obstacles, excuses, distractions, frustrations and disappointments that push back against achievement. Achievement is built anyway, and the world is a richer, more promising place because of it.

Achievement is built by giving the best of your focus and your efforts to each moment. And as you build it, achievement builds you.



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