Morning Motivator – Don’t Tech Yourself Out of a Relationship

"The great paradox of the 21st century is that, in this age of powerful technology, the biggest problems we face internationally are problems of the human soul."
-Ralph Peters

First, I want to send my well wishes to Aaron Raines in New Orleans. He had a minor surgery this morning and a few extra prayers never hurt. Now back to your regularly scheduled Morning Motivator…

I like this title today mostly because I am a BlackBerry "crack-head." I am THAT guy you hear about with his BlackBerry in a restaurant, on a date, in a movie, during meetings, etc. I do JUSTIFY my use by the fact that its typically in an effort to FURTHER a relationship by setting next steps and action items to be completed (sounds romantic for dating, huh?).

I specifically want to share this concept for 2 reasons: 1. In a discussion I had Wednesday, we chatted about LOSING touch with the human element through technology and how it can CRIPPLE your business; 2. I have allowed my BlackBerry to literally RUIN a relationship with a special girl long ago (lesson learned!) The consideration here is: "at what point do you have to 'buck up' and do it the 'old fashioned' way?" Here's a good example.

I have a friend that met a nice gentleman a few weeks back. He's one of those guys that guys hate because he SEEMS to have it all – good looks, athletic, successful, Vandy graduate, etc. Interestingly, she has lost some interest in him very QUICKLY. WHY? What girl doesn't want the GAP model that's on the fast track to SUCCESS? Answer: He won't call her! Seriously, he won't call her… (and she's a hottie herself). Rather than call, he send text messages – quick, efficient, simple, yadda yadda yadda. What she sees is – arrogant, cowardly, insensitive. If "Mr. EVERYTHING" would just call the girl, he would win the day… instead, he is so DISCONNECTED with the human element and the SENSITIVITY of this girl, he will likely miss the boat. Sucks to be him. So where do we draw the line..?

Here's the deal. I'm going to give you a quick "to do/not to do" of technology in scenario form…

When to CALL:
1. Scheduling an appointment
2. Running late to meet someone
3. Breaking up with your girlfriend/boyfriend
4. Rescheduling with less than 12 hours until meeting

1. Rescheduling an appointment more than 24 hours out
2. Reminders to meet or to perform tasks
3. Changing small details to a project
4. Breaking up with a psycho girlfriend/boyfriend

Feel free to share your list of "EMAIL vs. CALLS" as well. I wish you all a wonderful weekend… Call me, er, text me, er, whatever if you need me.


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Morning Motivator - How Hard is Impossible?

"Every great achievement was once considered impossible."
- Anonymous

I love when I hear people tell me they CANNOT do something. I always say the same thing... BULL! What you CANNOT do is "NATURALLY"... FLY like a bird, SWIM UNDERWATER like a fish or TELEPORT through time. However, you CAN find ways around those impossibilities (teleporting being my secret one).

Interestingly enough, there was a time when people said FLYING is IMPOSSIBLE. "Hey Wright brothers... you guys are CRAZY! That will never work!" Little did those doubters know, many years later we can book $59 flights to New Orleans online to ride their IMPOSSIBLE invention. Also doubted was the ability to swim underwater for extended periods of time like a fish. "Hey Jacques (Cousteau), you KOOK! You can't swim underwater with fish!" Now, we have scuba classes you can take in college so you are able to dive on VACATION and have that cool flag on the front license plate of your vehicle.

So what is IMPOSSIBLE? Is it impossible for you to fulfill your DREAMS of being HAPPY and well RESPECTED by your peers? Is it impossible to work only 10 hours a week and be SUCCESSFUL financially? Is it impossible to find the purest, truest LOVE in the world? I believe all this is POSSIBLE and more... You have to start by BELIEVING it is, then take ASSUMPTIVE ACTION (an action made with an expectation of results).

The power of SELF BELIEF is amazing in its ability to overcome "IMPOSSIBILITY." When your PASSION and DETERMINATION outweigh the NEGATIVITY and SELF DOUBT that is inherent (and subjected) on you - you are ABLE to accomplish tasks that seem IMPOSSIBLE.

Your mind controls your body, your spirit controls your mind and your passions control your spirit. Chase you PASSIONS and the physical manifestation of your DREAMS will become your reality. Be CLEAR in what you want, PRECISE in what you ask for and DECISIVE in how you approach it. Most importantly... TAKE ACTION!


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Morning Motivator – Oh Dang… Don’t Tell Me I Have Potential!

"If you want to be wealthy and happy, learn this lesson well: Work harder on yourself than you do on your job."
-Jim Rohn

I had a discussion last night at the monthly meeting for the Nashville Area Junior Chamber of Commerce with some of my fellow colleagues about a topic that is very dear to me. Personal SUCCESS and working with a PURPOSEFUL PASSION. It stems from a frustration I have about the word "POTENTIAL." We have all heard it and some of us have been tagged with it more often than we could hope for.

The thing about "POTENTIAL" is that the term is misleading. It provides a FALSE hope that many REST on as a safety blanket, a blind forecaster of their believed future SUCCESS. What is POTENTIAL? It's the summation of your TALENTS, EXPERTISE, PASSIONS and CREATIVITY all amassed internally without the capability of being EFFECTIVELY shared with those around you. It's "having all the right pieces and not being able to put it together."

I share this intimate secret with you all… I am AFRAID of the word POTENTIAL. I have, for many years, been told I have so much POTENTIAL and just need to "put it all together." What the hell does "put it all together" mean?! How do you do that?! As an athlete, I was always one of the better players, never the best, even though I had the POTENTIAL to be great. As a student, I earned excellent marks, yet was never a national scholar or a magna cum laude graduate, even though I had the POTENTIAL. And as a business man, I have won awards and lead sales teams, yet never ACCOMPLISHED the big break through, even though I have all the POTENTIAL. (damn potential…)

Is it HARD WORK I am lacking? I don't believe so. Is it additional EDUCATION that I need? Doubtful. Is it that I am nowhere near as TALENTED as people may believe? Unsure. I BELIEVE that its ACTION that's missing… the ACTION of working HARDER to develop myself in areas of personal PASSION and CREATIVITY coupled with a WILLINGNESS to lose everything (finances, pride, security) in order to ACHIEVE anything. I am not sure if others feel as I do, maybe you have made the LEAP and know the SECRET to the transfer of POTENTIAL to SUCCESS. If so, we would all love to hear it…


I fail to be an EXPERT in moving you from POTENTIAL to SUCCESS as I struggle myself with the same challenges. I am however an expert at trying ACTIONABLE success steps and personally EDUCATING for the goal of ACHIEVEMENT. Here is what I know about SUCCESSFUL C-Level executives in big companies, most of them:

1. READ … a lot (get books surrounding your passions and become a total expert in your subject)

2. SHARE their dreams (it's the old "law of attraction" thing – ask and you shall receive)

3. Embrace CHANGE (if it ain't broke, look at it… it still may need adjustment)

4. Have ROUTINE check ups (financial, health, relationship, education, spirituality – touch base every 90 days and make sure you are on track)

5. are COURAGEOUS (they understand that getting kicked in the teeth is just a learning step towards success… every fall is a lesson in how to stand stronger)

Make your POTENTIAL into ACTION today. You don't have to change the world – just a 1% change towards improvement. Don't waste your time… every second counts!


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Morning Motivator - A Lesson from Driving at Night

"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Have you ever really thought about night driving and the PERIL it poses to travelers? Consider this. You drive at night with a VISION capability of only 100 to 200 feet of narrow, FOCUSED light in front of you. You are unable to see the road miles away, nor any of the potential dangers to the right and left of you.

Interestingly, you could get in your vehicle tonight and drive to San Diego, with limited VISION, and still make it there. How so? You can't see the end goal? You do not know if the road TURNS left or right 3 miles away.

The road serves a SIMILAR route as your life. One of twists and turns, bumps and dangers that you will not be able to see before you. You will NEVER know what is going to occur 5 years from now, 5 weeks from now or even 5 minutes from now. What you CAN do is - take ACTION to GUIDE yourself properly into the darkness of uncertainty!

Ready yourself DAILY by taking a few moments to prepare for the road ahead. You may not be able to forecast the future, however you can prepare in a manner that allows you to be ready for the COMMON pitfalls you will encounter (traffic, computer problems, personality conflicts, etc).

By LEVERAGING your intelligence to help offset the "X factors" of your day, you can keep a POSITIVE, forward moving attitude and drive more effectively towards YOUR success. Make today count... and keep your eyes on the road.


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