Morning Motivator - Tackle One

"A good business spends 80% of its time up front making sure that it doesn't have to spend 100% of its time fixing stuff later."
- Anonymous

Have you ever noticed that the great businesses is seem to run on autopilot? What did they do to make sure that the business run so efficiently? Did they buy the fanciest systems or maybe it is just that they have the smartest people?

Commonly, the best businesses have spent a lot of time upfront working on their systems and processes. They use a great deal of their mental resources and time to make sure that they have things figured out the front.

The test for any business is when they become very busy or grow rapidly. It is under the stress that they find the weak points in their business. Alas, the good ones have thought out 80 percent of those problems... thus, they always appear to run very smooth.

2 DEGREE SUCCESS STEP: Many russ are already knee deep in our businesses, making a very challenging to stop and create new and better systems today.

However, what if you spent one day per week focusing on bettering your system processes and solutions? Simplify it even further... What if you just focused on solving one new problem each week?

How much more could you get accomplished if you didn't have the current bottleneck that you're facing?

Take a sheet of paper and write down the 3 biggest bottlenecks facing your business right now. Pick one and make it youre focused to solve this week.

Simple approach... Huge benefits!



Morning Motivator - Still Letting Go

"Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit."
- Conrad Hilton

I just hung up the phone with my great friend, business partner and mentor, Philip Steen. I must admit I have learned more in the last 6 weeks than I have in the prior 6 months thanks to his pushing me to work smarter and start letting go. It is not easy for me...

My sales training has always been based on speed of execution and accessibility to solutions. I made my mark being "on call" all the time (and it works). Yet, it is taxing and exhausting. You are never "off" and can never let your guard down. Needless to say, I have committed myself to a life of high anxiety and stress as a result of this "speed belief."

Yet, if it works, why would anyone stop? If it is creating success and opportunity, are you just going to shut it down? The short answer is: yes...and no.

2 DEGREE SUCCESS STEP: At 33 years old, I am seeing how the ultra high performers that are always "on" reach a burnout point in their early 40s. Where others are enjoying the fruits of the their labors, it is the high performer, that is relentless in their self imposed goals, that never is able to celebrate a win or enjoy a night off, as they are always looking forward.

At what point, do you get to enjoy a great month? A great meeting? Or just as night at home with someone special?

Letting go is the most difficult thing to do for someone who has found success by controlling as many aspects of their life as possible. It is like putting your blind trust into a stranger when you have always been taught never to do so. It is placing faith into a system or process that you cannot control or watch inside and out. It is simply a very difficult reality to face as a control crackhead...

Yet, you have to let go. Keep letting go. And if you still have trouble, think of it this way...

How much more success could you achieve if you could OVERCOME the challenge of effectively letting go? Maybe it is not a concern, but a challenge to face and master. Take control of letting go... yeah, maybe that is how it should be.



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Morning Motivator - Achievement is built

"A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement."
- Bo Bennett

Special thanks (again) to one of my best friends and biggest supporters, Mr. Josh Anderson, of Keller Williams Nashville. Thanks dude - you are the best!!

Achievement is built on challenge. Achievement is built on setbacks and frustrations.

Achievement is built when conditions are difficult. Achievement is built when the direction of the economy is uncertain, and when there's no guarantee of success.

And achievement is indeed built, for it is not inevitable. Achievement happens because people choose to make it happen.

Achievement is built on meaningful intention, with devotion, persistent action and plain old hard work. Achievement is built on the desire to make a difference, and on the commitment to fulfill that desire no matter what.

Yes, of course there are obstacles, excuses, distractions, frustrations and disappointments that push back against achievement. Achievement is built anyway, and the world is a richer, more promising place because of it.

Achievement is built by giving the best of your focus and your efforts to each moment. And as you build it, achievement builds you.

2 DEGREE SUCCESS STEP: Achievement is a result of the choices that you make every day. Choose work on the most productive tasks in your day and you will find that the greatest production is achieved. Delay work until later in lieu of things more "fun or easy," and you will find that you produce less with less meaningful results.

If you are not setting priorities in your work day, it is likely you are feeling exhausted and yet, unaccomplished. Take on the big tasks, the most meaningful and do not relent until completed. Yes, it may "suck" and be painful, but at the end of the day, it will be done and successfully impacting.

Choose to achieve and choose success. Choose focus and you will choose to achieve. So...What is your choice?



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