Morning Motivator - Wish Smarter!

"Don't wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don't wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don't wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom."
~ Jim Rohn

I was looking for a spark when I found this quote and - BOOM - instant inspiration! Amazing huh?

More than anything, I have noticed myself "wishing" for more time, better organizational skills, and the right connections. Then, as I think about it more, I realized I am being a HUGE EXCUSE MONSTER. Wish?! Seriously? What the hell is a wish going to do?

What needs to happen here is ACTION. What needs to happen is problem solving at the highest levels. What needs to happen is a real face-to-face with myself about what needs to be done and who is best suited to get it done!

2 DEGREE SUCCESS STEP: Interestingly, I know EXACTLY who needs to get it done. Someone else! Yes, I said someone in NOT ME. But why?

For me it is a simple answer. My skill set is optimized when I am focused on building relationships with social and political leaders, selling them my ideas and concepts for supportive action. WHOA! What the heck does that mean? It means I am very good at empowering groups to take actions. What I am not good at is paperwork, organizing files, detailed follow up of individual niche issues and other time eaters. I am best when I am able to make maximum impact with individuals that represent a larger number of people. So, why would I wish for more organizational skills when I should be out HIRING someone that is exceptional already.

The lesson I see here is that when we "wish" for something, IMMEDIATELY look at what you are wishing for, examine whether it is something you WANT to learn or do, if it is something you should be spending your time on and if you could easily "wish it away" by delegating.

At the end of the day (now I sound like a coach), I should be out selling, meeting and driving action. Then being wise enough to have someone help me do the rest...and I do not have to WISH for help when I can hire it.



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Morning Motivator - You Are Being Watched!

"We would like you to come in so we can chat."
- Anonymous

This past week, I was called into the proverbial "Principal's Office" for a comment I made on a public website regarding a group of which I am a member. The comment itself was innocent in nature, however, as an emerging leader in a new community, I found that I was being watched a little closer than I thought.

Without going into great detail, I made a comment regarding my thoughts of endorsing political candidates from a membership based organization. Little did I know, that membership organization was watching...or at least found it.

Oops! They felt slighted. Not that I spoke my mind and it did not agree with them. More that I went off the reservation without coming to them first to voice my opinion. Hmmm....

2 DEGREE SUCCESS STEP: I did learn that this group and I agree on the function of the group, as well as the reasoning behind their drive to endorse candidates. For the RECORD, I am regretful and apologetic for not going to my group to inquire about the "why."

The lesson that I learned is that, as leaders in our communities, there are a great number of people watching what we say and what we do. It is our job, not to act scared, but to stay informed. It is out responsibility to the people we serve to be educated in all matters we speak upon. Additionally, it is the duty of organizational leaders to meet, discuss and create relationships such that we continually are educating and improving one another.

Should you censor yourself from speaking your mind? NEVER. Should you hesitate if you are in disagreement with policies or opinions? OF COURSE NOT. We must stand strong in our beliefs, yet be wise to understand we must continually learn, listen and then discuss to be exceptional leaders.



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Morning Motivator - #OccupyREALITY

"We are the 99%"

Have you ever wondered what would happen if all the "haves" gave all their wealth to the "have nots?" Do you dream of a world where everyone does not just have equal opportunity, but also equal wealth? What if we forced these big companies to give up all the earnings and give them back to the people??

NEWS FLASH: The people would give it right back.

Admittedly, I am not a political science PhD, nor am I studied in social economics. What I am is a business person that has gained advantages by watching people and looking for trends. The biggest trend I see in our business-political world today is a belief in "socialistic economics." I am not saying socialism per se, just a trend towards it.

Here is the deal...

2 DEGREE SUCCESS STEP: Government runs like any other business. Revenue (money in) MINUS costs (money out) equals profit or loss (money left over if any. (Note: When facing no money, profit is not such a bad word) If the "99%", which all to often are the people that pay the LEAST to the governments revenue (income), wants more stuff from Uncle Sam, then they will have to give more money. If the CORPORATIONS stop giving money (in the form of taxes derived from profits), then 99% of the money these people want to benefit from will be GONE. REPEAT -WILL BE GONE!

What can we learn from this? Is it that price gouging is good for corporations? No. That is not. Is it that we should hate banks for giving us loans we could not afford? Stop - read that last question again and think about who is to blame.

The lesson is simple. If you want more stuff, you must pay for it - not someone else. If you want to eliminate the burden of paying for too much stuff - use less! (this is why I drive a Nissan Frontier and not a Range Rover...which I would really like to have!)

Become part of the 99% that understands HOW business works. Increase income or decrease output, then seek balance. Do not look to your government, a social class or private companies to pay for your errors. Maybe it is time to #OCCUPYREALITY



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Morning Motivator - Believe in the Player

"Put your belief in players, not in plays."
- Al Davis, President, Oakland Raiders

When I worked for NationLink Wireless in Nashville, I had the unique opportunity to work within a group thats focus was on "fitting in" as much as being able and willing to do the job. The belief of success was based on the people, not the product, the service or system.

Often, we hear people say that their product or the way their company processes their service is not effective. It sounds like, "Well, I could crush it if..." Ugh! "If" sucks!

Is it possible that your company has hired or continued to employ someone that does not belong? Is it possible that you or your company has put belief in the wrong player? Is it possible YOU are the wrong player? (ouch)

2 DEGREE SUCCESS STEP: I have been examining this consideration myself for the previous 6 months or so. I have been analyzing myself, those around me and those that work with me to help achieve our collective goals.

Amazingly, when you start to look for "players you can believe in," it becomes easy to see the superstars (whether they know it or not) and the ones that will continue to rely on being a part of a great system in which to hide. (double ouch)

Learning to believe in the right players is also about learning to find the right players in which to believe. Increasing your AWARENESS of talent, drive, ingenuity, entrepreneurial savvy, work ethic and, what I think is most important personally, true leadership (a willingness to be wrong and stir the pot to instigate positive change).

Awareness is key. Not sure how to do it? Just start thinking about it all the time. It is like buying a new card... as soon as you are aware it is out there, it seems EVERYONE has one! Player success is the same...



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