Morning Motivator - What a Winner Knows

"I learned the rules so I would know the loopholes. Then I could use it to my advantage."
- Tim Ferriss, paraphrased from The Four Hour Work Week

This is an update of a past post from a few years back, yet it may be even more applicable today than ever!! I hope you enjoy...

I am LEARNING a very good lesson - time and time again. The lesson is continually handed to me by my friend and owner of the Nashville Sports Leagues, Philip Steen.

Philip is a member of the National co-ed flag football CHAMPION team, Mean Machine. They are very good, with excellent athletes and very well disciplined in their efforts. Interestingly enough, many people are often upset with him because playing against them can be so FRUSTRATING!

Here is some insight: Do you know what makes them so darn GOOD? It is not that they have SUPERIOR athletes (although they are good). It is not that they have BETTER plays. It is PURELY that they have a COMPLETE understanding (even mastery) of the rules... thus an absolute advantage over others. Not an advantage that is unfair, just one that took more time to earn.

This poses an interesting question for you. Are you a MASTER of the rules of business? Do you know how to surf the LOOPHOLES of contracts and RFPs? What would change if you did?

2 DEGREE SUCCESS STEP: By INVESTING the time to become a MASTER of the "rules," you are creating an ADVANTAGE that cannot be matched. You will understand (education) the system in ways that others will never. You will also have the control of most situations, since you know when and where to control certain aspects of the process.

When you have the POWER and ABILITY to take advantage of opportunities other are not aware of... You ENSURE your success.

What are you doing to be a MASTER of the rules? What steps could you take today to PROVIDE yourself with a fair "unfair" advantage?

Cheers, Zach

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Morning Motivator - Keep Your Mouth Shut

"I know you did not mean it..."

Todays MM is more of a lesson in being a good person, than being a professional, even though they are intertwined. I hope you all can learn from my STUPIDITY and accept my apology to anyone I have offended. I am not looking for understanding or sympathy. I am an idiot. Learn from me.

Last night, while playing kickball, we were in a close game with our pitcher "throwing" a strong game. It was a late inning, two (2) outs and two (2) strikes. This was the moment I yelled out, "Give him the 'Helen Keller' pitch!" This "pitch name" has been the name of the expected strikeout pitch in a pressure situation for many years in my sporting career. I have likely said this over 500 times in my lifetime. PC? No. Innocent in nature. Absolutely.

Here is where your MM author promptly swallowed his foot up to the hip bone. The batter, he is deaf. (yes, let your jaw hit the floor) I felt like the worlds biggest a**hole...and deserved it!

2 DEGREE SUCCESS STEP: Here is the deal. I, like any other half decent human being, would NEVER have said that knowing he was deaf. I would never had said it had I known a deaf player was in our league. Nevertheless, should I even be saying something like that? No. It is ignorant and in no way professional.

Why admit to this in open public? Why not just learn my lesson internally and move on? Well, primarily because I feel so bad about the situation, albeit unintentional, that I wanted to make sure others do not walk that path.

In sports, as in business, we get competitive. We may bad mouth a competitor indirectly while trying to take the high road. We may even speak ill of someone in the community, never knowing the relationship the person we are speaking to has with the other. WE JUST NEVER KNOW...

Knowing you do not know, why take the chance? Say dumb stuff and eventually you will say the wrong thing (ugh, Zach) at the wrong time (oh man was that bad timing). Is your reputation worth a silly comment?



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Morning Motivator - Simple is Sexy

"Our video should be long as it is less than 40 seconds." Anonymous

Marketing is an art and I am the first to clamor about something awesome when I see it. Equally, I have no issue to make comment on something that is less than epic.

Currently, a group I am in is working on some video shoots. We will be using this format to help promote the message and educate consumers on better options for their time. The question then becomes, "What kind of video?" Funny, hype, informative, subtle, etc?

How about SIMPLE? Short, sweet, to the point, with limited acting and maximized messaging. NOW THAT IS SEXY!

2 DEGREE SUCCESS STEP: When considering any message whether email or a TV commercial, look to simplify your message to its core offering. Look to eliminate any redundancy and cut any "understood" details.

Sometimes the best response to a question is YES or NO. No explanation needed. If the person corresponding with you is asking for detail, give it. If not, do not!

Will being short make me appear to be uninterested, dismissive or just a plain 'ol a**hole? Sure, to some people. However, the majority of people will appreciate your tact and respectful nature in limiting your message to the core.

Use fashion as an example: What is SEXIER? Ladies: A dress covered in lace and sparkle or a slim black cocktail dress? Guys: A white Tshirt and a pair of jeans or a paid or plaid shorts with an Affliction shirt?

Simple IS sexy! Keep is simple...and effective.



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Morning Motivator - Try, Try, Then Try Again

"I'm getting closer, but have but figured it out."
- Anonymous

How many things have you executed perfectly in your life?  Think about it for a minute... Anything?

It its highly unlikely that you would be able to execute anything to perfection ever.  OK, fair enough.  Perfect is pretty much impossible.

If we can agree on that, then let us agree that you can only get closer by continuing to experiment... Also known as TRYING.

Trying new ways, better ways is the ONLY way to get closer to perfection.

Once you have executed enough variations of a process, you will be able to identify the best ways to execute.  As you become more refined in this high execution, you will achieve greater results, nearer to perfection.

Success seems less like doing the right things all the time and more like figuring out which wrong things to stop doing entirely.

The only way to get there - try, try and then try again until you figure it out.



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Morning Motivator - Capital is Overrated

"Capital is that part of wealth which is devoted to obtaining further wealth.
- Alfred Marshall

Yours truly was in the newspaper this weekend for launching an Entrepreneur Group in my south Louisiana community (see:| newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p) Pretty cool eh?

I found the portion noting capital as the key to success the most interesting. Partly because Mr. Guidry is not a part of our group, in addition, the fact that the three of us launching this Entrepreneur group have never had a cash injection.

Why do people feel capital is so crucial to the success of a small business? From where does this belief that a bank loan will constitute success derive? When will business owners realize that it is NOT money that drives your is your people!?

2 DEGREE SUCCESS STEP: As a business owner, if you could choose between having 100,000 dollars or 100,000 clients, which would you choose? I would hope you would choose the clients. Why not the money if "capital is the key?"

Because MONEY is the lowest concern for a successful business. Money is the result of a good service or product delivery. Money is what is given to you from your clients for making their life a little bit better.

So why do so many people suggest capital is the key? Because they believe, "If you build it, they will come," rather than, if you have them already, build whatever the hell they want and will pay for.

I don't know about you, but they can keep their cash...I will take the clients instead!



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