Morning Motivator – Leadership Training… What a Load of Garbage!

"I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers."
-Ralph Nader

Have you ever considered what "Leadership Training" implies? I am challenged with the idea that a Leader can be "made." The implication is that you can take someone with no innate ability, talent, desire, passion or focus and somehow instill those values in them to a point that they are then able to motivate, inspire, manage and drive the success of a group or project. Rubbish!

I DO believe that a LEADER can be developed into a better leader or that someone that has yet to display leadership can tap into their internal TALENTS. I DO believe that someone with a PASSION to lead and lack of UNDERSTANDING can become a decisive leader. The key to this ideal is: THEY WERE ALREADY LEADERS! YOU are already a leader… to be AWARE of a need for leadership is an indication of leadership in yourself. So we will no longer TRAIN people to be leaders, rather we will DEVELOP and GROW their existing talents… here's where to start.

Leadership is your ability and desire to take on a larger task, utilize resources and manage to an effective completion. As a leader, your goal is to find opportunities to SHARPEN and MASTER those skills. Seek out clubs/groups and ask what leadership roles are available.

You will find these opportunities in the following:
- Chambers of Commerce
- Rotary Clubs
- Non Profit Board positions
- Sports Teams/Leagues

Also consider the value of a SUCCESS COACH and the utilization of their skills, resources and expertise. Learn from others – they are usually smarter than us anyways! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!


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Morning Motivator - Success is a Form of Self-Discovery

"When it's time to die, let us not discover that we have never lived."
- Henry David Thoreau

Yesterday was a GREAT day for me! I was able to enjoy two of my favorite people and meet an awesome new person. What makes that so great? These people are able to share with me their stories of personal success through their SELF DISCOVERY. There journey from the feeling of "Empty Success" (as I term it) to a place of "Balanced Fulfillment."

So what lesson is to be learned by these encounters? It's the reinforcement that your PROFESSIONAL success is just a portion of your OVERALL success (personal, professional, spiritual). You may feel as though you are achieving GREAT things at work, yet why do you still feel like you are missing out? You have a huge network of contacts... yet how many are TRUE FRIENDS? I believe that when find your SELF AWARENESS of what your personal needs are to feel "happy" and complete - you have transcended to a level of SUCCESS everyone of us strive for... Here's how you can start moving in that direction:

Write down on a piece of paper the ONE BIG THING you are facing right now that is keeping you from GROWTH. Keep that piece of paper in your pocket and look at it occasionally over the SEVEN days. Write down your feelings around that CHALLENGE - positive, negative, reflective, and constructive.

One week from today - spend 30 minutes reflecting with that piece of paper. The, spend 30 minutes noting the THREE steps you can take ACTION on immediately to begin overcoming the challenge. Spend the next 30 days FOCUSED on only those three... and enjoy the transformation!


*Thanks Debra for all your support. Your investment in me has helped my self-discovery.

Morning Motivator - Do You Stick Out?

"To lead is to follow your vision with passion, integrity and resilience - and drive others to follow the same."
- Zach Barker

I want to thank my great friend and supporter, Alan Cunningham, for today's Morning Motivator...

What is the simple definition of a leader? A person who refuses to accept be a FOLLOWER!!!. A leader is someone who earns and commands the respect of those individuals that they are in contact with. A leader is someone who has the COLLECTIVE goal in mind and helps MOTIVATE others to work towards the achievement of that same goal.

Leaders are brought up, not placed. Leaders stick out like a sore thumb. You don't search for them. They emerge from a group and become plainly obvious. Are you THAT person?

1. First and foremost, BE AN ACTIVELY GOOD LISTENER- Every positive step forward first starts with keeping your mouth shut.
2. KNOW YOUR GOALS (and point yourself in that direction)- No one will buy-in to a goal if the individuals steering the ship don't fully believe in that same goal.
3. REFUSE TO SHOW FEAR- Weakness can be felt a mile away. Confidence breeds confidence, breeds confidence, breeds Leaders.
4. SPEAK WITH INTEGRITY- Draw from your experience, goals, knowledge of the topic of discussion, and knowledge of the individuals in the audience. (If you work on numbers 1, 2, and 3, then 4 will come easy.)
5. SEEK THE ADVICE OF OTHER LEADERS - one of the greatest characteristics of a leader, is a passion to learn and a willingness to humble yourself. (zb)


Morning Motivator - Focus on the Most Important Attributes

"Do not judge by appearances, a rich heart may be under a poor coat."
- Scottish Proverb

At work we have been discussing "what a good client looks like," and defining the characteristics of that business. I found myself confused because I read into this that we were disqualifying people without speaking to them. Why?

As people, we are always seeking the EASY way to SUCCESS. Fair enough - it sounds like a great idea! Reality check: the ideal client is only one in one thousand. Rather than eternally seek for the IDEAL client - FOCUS on the important attributes. 5 out of 10 will do just fine.

List out the IDEAL client attributes. Determine the most important 3 attributes of that list. If you are able to get 2 of the 3 BEST attributes and a few other the non-criticals - WAKE UP and call them!! They are a great client and are waiting to talk to you!!

Enjoy the new business!! :)


Morning Motivator – Relax, Success is a Process

"Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer."
- William S. Burroughs

Sales goals, deadlines, meetings….ARGH!!! "I would be so much more productive if I could just RELAX!" Does this sound familiar to you also?

In my limited years of professional service, I have discovered one simple truth – YOU WORK BEST WHEN YOU ARE RELAXED. Now, how do you get there? First, if you believe that you are a child of God and that God cares for everything, you can relax – its not even in your hands. Secondly, be aware that SUCCESS is a relative term based on what you DEFINE it to be. You will never "BE" SUCCESS… you begin to ACHIEVE SUCCESS. As you achieve it – it changes and becomes something different.

The best way to relax is to maintain PERSPECTIVE. Keep your goals LONG TERM and make short term adjustments accordingly. If you know you have an annual sales goal of $1 Million and you don't make your goal for this month – DON'T FREAK OUT! You have 11 months to make it up. Simply alter your goals and required activities, be confident in yourself, RELAX and continue forward… This is what assures your success!!

First, take a deep breath… now let's focus. Stress is a result of open commitments with yourself and others. To RELAX we will need to relieve STRESS. Here's how:
1. Define and Write out your goals – Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily
2. Define the activities required to accomplish them – what should I be doing to achieve my goals?
3. Allow for some interruptions – Life WILL happen in between your master plan…plan for it!
4. Review your goals weekly – verify they are on task, eliminate ones that do not apply, add ones that are now needed
5. Delegate any tasks you do not excel in – be the expert and let others be the expert where you are not

6. When you have the capability to DO IT NOW... DO IT! Procrastination causes lots of stress

Once you have a good handle on knowing what you are DOING and NOT DOING – you will find your stress levels decrease. FOCUS on the tasks that create success opportunities and STICK to your SYSTEM!


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