Morning Motivator – What Are You So Afraid Of?

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear." 
-Ambrose Redmoon 

Ask yourself – What am I so AFRAID of? My favorite author, Timothy Ferriss, notes an interesting perspective when it comes to FEAR.  He doesn't look at fear as a challenge to overcome; rather he sees it as an INDICATOR of correct actions.  Be reasonable when reading that, as I am not talking about the fears associated with preservation of life, rather the fears you have surrounding GROWTH and ACHIEVEMENT. 

My INTERPRETATION is not to look at fear, but to look at the worst case scenario associated with the actions I am FEARFUL of.  I like to look at financial decisions and ask, "If we don't make a dollar back, is that acceptable?"  If the answer is yes, then why HESITATE?  Look at RELATIONSHIPS and the fear of meeting new people.  What is the WORST that can happen?  Seriously… the answer is NOTHING at all.  If "nothing" literally occurred, then you are at the same point you were at before.  No gain – no loss. 


Stop right now and think about your BIGGEST fear. 

Leaving your job to start your OWN business?  Quitting a BAD relationship that has become "comfortable"? Asking for the RAISE you feel you deserve? 

Now, ask yourself… WHAT IS THE WORST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN?  Lose your job.  Have some short term financial struggle.  Temporarily feel awkward.  Be alone for the next few months. 

Once you FIND that courage is nothing more than UNDERSTANDING that your FEARS are self imposed and the results of taking action are typically minimally counter effective, you will EMPOWER yourself to make decisions confidently, with guile. 

Ever GREAT leader, professional, wife, son, etc has LEARNED to overcome their fear… and CHOOSE to be stronger than their fears. 

Ask yourself AGAIN… what am I so AFRAID of?

Morning Motivator – The Truth About Being Candid

"Write down the advice of him who loves you, though you like it not at present."

Who are your BEST friends?  Are they the people you LIKE the most or the one's that you RESPECT most?  If you are lucky – they are both! 

The EXCELLENCE of a real friend and trusted advisor is that they will tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you want.  They share their thoughts about your ACTIONS and help you stay on the best path.  (If they are not helping you stay on the BEST path, it may be time for a new friend).  More importantly, they have the RIGHT to speak to you candidly without long term repercussions.  You may be "stung" by a comment and it will still be unlikely that you will foster ILL WILL against them, for it was the truth that they spoke. 

The VALUE of someone that can speak OPENLY and CANDIDLY is impossible to measure.  In a society that is "watered down" by racial tensions, political correctness, and character assumption, having that TRUSTED advisor that can speak to you in "plain and simple" terms is CRITICAL to your long-term success. 

In business, the best PROFESSIONALS adopt a similar approach to consulting clients.  We are able to EDUCATE a client with FACTS about their needs; albeit possible they don't want to hear those facts.

As a growing professional, you must learn to OVERCOME the fears and misconceptions that being CANDID with a client is rude or somehow unprofessional.  Remember that your clients have ASKED you for HELP, not to tell them how awesome they are or how great their business is.  They WANT your EXPERTISE and ADVICE on how to better their situation. 

In my personal experience, I have DISCOVERED that my clients do not always like the news I may have for them, however, because I am FAIR and CONSISTENT, they do respect my opinion.  Moreover, I provide them with OPTIONS to solve their needs – IDEAL and FUNCTIONAL – from which they can decide (after being educated properly) which solution BEST fits THEIR needs. 

Want to WIN a CUSTOMER? Tell them what they want to hear.

Want to EARN a CLIENT? Tell them what they need to hear (then solve it!)


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Morning Motivator - Rich or Wealthy?

"It takes as much time to close a big client, as it does a small one."
- Common sales phrase

If you can spend 20 hours to CREATE one opportunity which generates $10,000 or $1,000, which would you do? I suspect that you would take more (because I know I would).

Now, take a step FURTHER...

What if you could spend 20 hours CREATING a relationship that would yield 20 opportunities that you spend ZERO hours generating over the next year? Would you spend your time with the $10,000 deal or the RELATIONSHIP to yield 20 opportunities?

Building a business is just that... "BUILDING!"

By adopting a SHORT-TERM focus that is geared around FINANCES ONLY, will yield a positive cash flow.

By adopting a LONG-TERM focus geared around developing MORE, BETTER opportunities, a positive cash flow will yield, as well as LONG LASTING wealth generation.

So, Ask yourself the question - do you wish for your business to be RICH (short-term) or WEALTHY (long-term)?

Focus accordingly.


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Morning Motivator – From a Guy that Motivates Me...

This is a repost of the great Seth Godin's blog which can be found at If you are interested in Morning Motivator type insight and marketing expertise, I highly recommend adding onto Seth's blog.


Too often, it seems, this attitude is missing from teams, organizations or the community.

It's missing because people are quick to opt out of the 'we' part. "What do you mean, we?" they ask. It's so easy to not be part of we, so easy to make it someone else's problem, so easy to not to take responsibility as a member of whatever tribe you're part of.

Sometimes it's missing because people disagree about what 'it' is. If you don't know what you're after, it's unlikely you're going to find it.

And it's missing because people confuse cynicism with realism, and are afraid to say "can". They'd rather say 'might' or even 'probably won't'.

Just about everything worth doing is worth doing because it's important and because the odds are against you. If they weren't, then anyone could do it, so don't bother.

Product launches, innovations and initiatives by any organization work better when the key people agree on the goal, believe that they can achieve it and that the plan will work.

Do we have a cynicism shortage? Unlikely.

Successful people rarely confuse a can-do attitude with a smart plan. But they realize that one without the other is unlikely to get you very far.

Count me in. Let's go.

You know what Seth... I am on the same bus, and I imagine all the Morning Motivator readers are too.

Winning is DETERMINED in your mind before any action. Get your HEAD right and the rest will follow... LET'S ALL GO!!


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Morning Motivator - It's March Madness

"It is amazing how many games are won in the fourth quarter, more specifically in the final two minutes."
- Unknown

How many deals did you have "wrapped up" only to have it "fall through" in the final days? Have you had "the VERBAL" and still FAIL to close the opportunity?

Business is similar to sports in the fact that everyone can start STRONG, yet the SUPERSTARS are the ones that FINISH STRONGER.

Similar to sports, as well, the BETTER trained and DISCIPLINED the players are, the more likely your team is to WIN! Continually training, studying and practicing AIDS in your development as a professional, as well as your RESULTS in execution.

Designing and implementing a STRATEGIC development plan is CRUCIAL to your success.

Defining the areas you seek to ENHANCE your skills within, will determine the types of books to read, the seminars to attend and the role playing to practice.

Do not feel that you must focus on WEAKNESSES, as often we can out source or delegate those low level tasks. Build your BEST talents and discover the success that is awaiting you on the other side of your EFFORTS!


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