Morning Motivator - 5 Ways to Think Like a Champion

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I meet and learn from Champions every day. Not just in locker rooms but in classrooms, hospitals, homeless shelters, homes and office buildings. I've learned that to be a champion you must Think Like a Champion. Champions think differently than everyone else. They approach their life and work with a different mindset and belief system that separates them from the pack.

1. Champions Expect to Win - When they walk on the court, on the field, into a meeting or in a classroom they expect to win. In fact they are surprised when they don't win. They expect success and their positive beliefs often lead to positive actions and outcomes. They win in their mind first and then they win in the hearts and minds of their customers, students or fans.

2. Champions Celebrate the Small Wins - By celebrating the small wins champions gain the confidence to go after the big wins. Big wins and big success happen through the accumulation of many small victories. This doesn't mean champions become complacent. Rather, with the right kind of celebration and reinforcement, champions work harder, practice more and believe they can do greater things.

3. Champions Don't Make Excuses When They Don't Win - They don't focus on the faults of others. They focus on what they can do better. They see their mistakes and defeats as opportunities for growth. As a result they become stronger, wiser and better.

4. Champions Focus on What They Get To Do, Not What They Have To Do - They see their life and work as a gift not an obligation. They know that if they want to achieve a certain outcome they must commit to and appreciate the process. They may not love every minute of their journey but their attitude and will helps them develop their skill.

5. Champions Believe They Will Experience More Wins in the Future - Their faith is greater than their fear. Their positive energy is greater than the chorus of negativity. Their certainty is greater than all the doubt. Their passion and purpose are greater than their challenges. In spite of their situation champions believe their best days are ahead of them, not behind them.

If you don't think you have what it takes to be a champion, think again. Champions aren't born. They are shaped and molded. And as iron sharpens iron you can develop your mindset and the mindset of your team with the right thinking, beliefs and expectations that lead to powerful actions.

A great example of this is John Wooden, the legendary UCLA basketball coach who passed away Friday night at the age of 99. He was one of my heroes and someone who not only thought like a champion, but lived like a champion, taught like a champion and developed champions. Visit to learn more about him and his teachings.

Morning Motivator – Talent vs. Passion

"A strong passion for any object will ensure success, for the desire of the end will point out the means"
- William Hazlitt 

Are you watching the World Cup?  If not, you may be MISSING on one of the world's most important lessons… Talent vs. Passion 

What is the VALUE of talent?  I conceded that God BLESSES certain individuals with a greater ability to achieve certain feats for whatever reason is decided.  I also recognize that HUMAN WILL is a very formidable trait when in the hands of the 'right" person or persons. 

How is it that Switzerland can UPSET world soccer (futbol) power Spain?  Prognosticators around the world have the Spaniards expected to compete for a World Championship.  They are one the "CHOSEN" teams to excel and dominate.  Still, they lose.  How can a TALENT RICH team, a world power, lose to a mid level club??

ALWAYS REMEMBER that the most important catalyst of your success is ACTION.  

You may be superbly talented and blessed with great abilities.  Yet, it is the person with greater DRIVE and ACTION that will beat you… repeatedly. 

This is the SWAN SONG of the little guy.  The 5'6" point guard in the NBA.  The child with dyslexia who becomes a renowned mathematics professor.  The business owner that never graduated 5th grade that goes onto builds a multi-million dollar company.

Do all those people have TALENT?  Of course.  They would have NO capability to attain those heights without talent… HOWEVER… they have more DRIVE!  Their PASSION and relentless pursuit of excellence is what makes their success. 

Now you must ask yourself:  Am I an underperforming "talent" or producing success with "passion"?  (hopefully you have the gift and the will…) 


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Morning Motivator – What are Your Priorities?

"Most people struggle with life balance simply because they haven't paid the price to decide what is really important to them." 
- Stephen Covey

I had a very enjoyable discussion yesterday about the transition from "Young Professional" to a "Professional that is Young(er)…" 

The driving nature behind this discussion was one of religious understanding and appreciation of your role in life, yet it was VERY applicable to our worldly actions as well.  Specifically, for those of us that STRUGGLE with prioritization. 

The quote above RESONATED with me, as I found myself being this individual just a few years ago.  Lost for the sake of being lost.  Frustrated because I could not find what I was LOOKING for (and never defining 'it").  Continually putting work before family, faith and personal relationships. 

I am not suggesting I am a MASTER of life balance and priorities (as I am still in the 'poor' category); however, I am a highly aware, work in progress.  

As we struggle to balance the importance of being a LEADER in business, family, faith and friendships, we often feel PULLED in multiple directions that have no similar path.  NOT TRUE. 

A great mentor and friend, Justin Morrison, once said to me, 'when you begin to control and respect your time, others will do the same."  What he meant was that if I would ALLOW people to work within MY schedule and find MUTUALLY beneficial times for activities, everyone would win and the balance found.  HE WAS RIGHT! 

You must CHOOSE what is most important to you.  Sacrifice accordingly.  With the remainder of the standing IMPORTANCE'S, find a way to MERGE them together.  Blend social with business, family with faith, recreation with love.  Most importantly… stop CHASING other people around.  Meet them in the middle – they will APPRECIATE it too! 


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Morning Motivator - Who is Guiding Your Success?

"Mentor: Someone whose hindsight can be your foresight."
- Unknown

Watch the interview or read the biography of MOST successful leaders, and they will reference the INVOLVEMENT of a mentor. Very few people are TRULY "self-made."

The ABILITY and AWARENESS of individuals to "see" the next steps of life and work are critical. The VISION to understand the full scope of a situation leads to CONTROL and ACCOMPLISHMENT.

How does one become so AWARE or INSIGHTFUL??

The PRESENCE of a mentor PROVIDES you the insight and awareness only gained through EXPERIENCE.

They have LIVED it. They have DONE it. They have already had their teeth kicked in, LEARNING it the hard way... so, WHY would you not try to use that knowledge to limit your PAIN?

A GOOD mentor is not based on age, rather EXPERIENCE. It is possible for someone YOUR age (or younger) to serve as a mentor and teacher.

Seek individuals with the SOUL of a teacher and the EXPERTISE you are seeking... This person will prove to be a great MENTOR!


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Morning Motivator - What's at Stake to Succeed?

"The only question to ask yourself is, how much are you willing to sacrifice to achieve this success?"
- Larry Flynt

I really like this quote above, however, feel it may IMPLIES a high level of drama. Let me simplify...

"What are you willing to sacrifice to succeed?" Interesting question. BETTER question. "What is at stake?"

The funny thing about 'SACRIFICE' is that is sounds RISKY, yet is not. The sacrifices you make to be successful are often NOTHING more than, time, embarrassment, comfort and empty social experiences.

Commonly, if you are willing to SKIP the early afternoon happy hour, dedicate some pre-scheduled time to LEARNING, be WILLING to be uncomfortable in new setting and just ASK for what you want - YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!

These are all INDICATORS of someone that continually CHALLENGES their self to GROW.

Seriously... Consider what you have to "risk." No one is saying put in your LIFE SAVINGS or SACRIFICE a loving relationship. Basically, you are just being asked to be 2% BETTER than all the people that are AFRAID of those indicators above...


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