Morning Motivator – How Your Business is like Raising Children

"Leadership is getting someone to do what they don't want to do, to achieve what they want to achieve."
- Tom Landry

I was told a funny thing a few months back – "running a business is similar to raising children" (I will trust the analogy as I do not yet have children). I asked how that might be and was told that "sometimes in a business you have to make your clients do things they don't like to get them what they want." (good find on the quote, eh?) Also, like children, people need to be constantly reminded about their goals, their duties and their rewards to keep them focused and productive.

Very interesting! I related it back to my leadership, my business and even my personal life. It made me think of some though situations I have been in before. Have you had to tell a business colleague they were doing something poorly in order to help them do better? Have you ever forced a break up because you knew it would help that other person get where they needed? Have you ever made yourself take on a task you despise because you knew it was the "best thing for you"? I have… many times.

I do know that decision making is DIFFICULT and MOST people do not want that responsibility. YOU have the chance to be a GREAT LEADER simply by reminding your colleagues, friends and family of their GOALS, the TASKS needed to accomplish them and the REWARDS they will enjoy from it.


Leadership is not trained or taught. Leadership is a passion for helping others achieve and it's a DECISION! If you do not understand what being a LEADER means – talk to your mother, father, supervisor or pastor. Take the step to better recognize YOUR ability to lead… we can talk more from there!!


Morning Motivator –Are You Insane?

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."
-Benjamin Franklin

Does the following sound familiar..? "I keep trying to get this done, I work harder each time and I end up with the same results! I just cant get over the hump." If so… WELCOME TO INSANITY!

You laugh, but really consider the quote above. How often do you say to yourself – "This year I will accomplish (insert goal)" and then find yourself short at the end – again. How many goals do you set that you continually miss? I have many and its OK to admit that you do too… we all do.

The critical key to achieving new and improved results is changing the accomplishment efforts from negative, non-productive action to POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE action! If you are dieting and know that you eat late night snacks, you MUST cease the late night snacking to accomplish your goal. If you are seeking to increase revenue in your company and you look at the internet for sports scores of recipes, you MUST cease that behavior to accomplish your goal. TO GAIN NEW RESULTS – YOU MUST TAKE NEW, PRODUCTIVE ACTION!

When analyzing the behavior patterns that are driving your to success or missed success opportunities, you MUST be HONEST and DIRECT with yourself about - what you want to achieve, what actions need to be taken to get there and what existing actions MUST be CHANGED!

- Write down your goal to accomplish
- Write the actions required to achieve that goal
- Write down the counterproductive actions your participate in currently
- Circle those actions
- FOCUS and COMMIT to changing those actions – immediately!

If you are WILLING to face your personal challenges (be very honest with yourself) and TACKLE each one as an individual challenge – you WILL change your behavior and ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOAL!


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Morning Motivator – How are you Rewarding Your Efforts?

"Before the reward there must be labor. You plant before you harvest. You sow in tears before you reap joy."
- Ralph Ransom

The purpose of work is the enjoyment of life. We are placed on this planet to make a difference in the lives of others and improve our species for the next generations. With that being said – what is the best way to ensure we stay motivated and focused on achieving the tasks needed to better ourselves and our futures? The answer: REWARDS!

I have a very good friend that has decided she WILL lose weight in 2008 and has begun a blog to keep accountability for herself along the way. For that – I am proud of her. Moreover, I am proud of her as she recognized that keeping herself motivated throughout the transformation is key. Her first REWARD for success in diet and fitness… a new DVD. Simple, lasting and significant to her. Very will done Julie! What should we all learn from this? It's OK to reward yourself for your daily goals… if you make you sales goal– take a trip. If you division comes in under budget – buy that new camera. If you achieve a goal through the help of another person– take THEM to lunch to celebrate with you. REWARD yourself for your hard work!

Take your 2008 goals and chunk them down into quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. Set up a REWARD system for achieving these goals. Here are some examples:

- Daily goals: leave 10 minutes early from work
- Weekly goals: go out to dinner or a movie
- Monthly goals: buy a nice gift for yourself (I bought myself a camera recently)
- Quarterly goals: Take a vacation (3 day weekends are always a nice treat)
- Annual goals: Throw a party… in TAHITI!! (or Hawai'i– your call)

Don't be afraid to GIVE yourself the REWARDS you want in life… just make yourself EARN them! (it helps to have a list of your "desired" rewards to align with your goals).


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Morning Motivator - What's Next? Just Take Action!

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."
-Arthur Godfrey

You have set your goals, laid our your strategy, defined your marketing plan... You are going to have HUGE success, right? Almost...

Your Master planning is a necessary step, critical to success AND when put into ACTION - you ARE on your way to achieving your goals. So which is more important - PLANNING or ACTION? What do you think..? Spend the next 2 months planning and let me know how your 1st quarter turns out.

When making your 2008 plans (which should already be completed) FOCUS on defining the ACTION STEPS required to begin. Place a time frame for action and put reminders in your Microsoft Outlook to keep you on task.

Take ACTION - all else will follow!


Morning Motivator - What is Your System?

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but nor simpler."
- Albert Einstein

The success of a business is the ability to continually process tasks and generate revenues when the driver of the "business" is not engaged. What does that mean? If you are "self employed" - you work for yourself and are also solely responsible for the completion of tasks and revenue generation, such that if you take vacation... your business takes a vacation too. If you own a "business" - your business runs when you are not around... such that you make money, even when you are not the one generating it. So which do you want?

Even if you are "employed" you have the ability to create a business. How so? Detailed planning and process implementation. What does that mean? It means, YOU have a PLANNED strategy for how you will COMPLETE tasks, a proven SYSTEM for completion and the appropriate RESOURCES in place for effective application. Its MAXIMIZING your ability to complete by being prepared. How do I do that? Here's an idea...

SUCCESS STEP: (grab a piece of paper)
To create your system, you will need to:
1. Define your goals - What is the function of your job? What does success look like in your role?
2. Define your work - Make a list of the TASKS that you must complete in order to fulfill your duties.
3. Identify the "next steps" of each task - Understand and be able to chart your work flow
4. Identify key resources for completion - Who or what outside assistance do you require to complete tasks?
5. Layout the work flow and automate - Have a visual of your work flow with consequences of action defined, automate any tasks available and delegate other tasks for completion.

This is a quick and dirty system development. You may be able to save time by working directly with someone trained in this development for your industry. I am able to refer you to assistance if desired.

Make it a great week!!


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