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"Every time I need motivation.  I just read some Tim Ferriss."
- Zach Barker

Below is an excerpt from a recent Tim Ferriss email.  Yes, I hijacked it and yes it is worth it.  Moreover, if you are not following Tim, you should be.  Go to:

In the mid-nineties, a curious book came out in the States: Body, Mind, and Sport by John Douillard. Given its focus on endurance sports, an apparent dislike of hard training and beef, and heavy doses of New Age discussions of Ayurveda, it is unlikely that it was read by many of our intense weightlifting friends.

The book was dedicated to improving one's performance by reducing the effort to 50%, enjoying the process, and not focusing on the result. The author cited a University of Texas in Austin study of goal-oriented and process-oriented people in the workplace. Unexpectedly, it was not the hypercompetitive Type "A" people who were doing more for the company, making more money, getting more raises and promotions. It was the folks who were enjoying their job.

Ironically, not getting wrapped up in the result may deliver higher gains. I had heard that before. One of the best pistol shooters in the Russian armed forces made a breakthrough in his accuracy when a coach told him, "You know, you have the right to miss."

One of Douillard's techniques was practicing a competitive sport without keeping score. "Focusing on the score attaches you to the result. Focusing on the process lets you access your greatest skill and increases your fun." That rang true.

Zach:  It is amazing to think that having more FUN proved (in this study) to increase results and effectiveness.  Is it not true of your work?  When you are focused on a project you believe in and enjoy, you get huge results.  When you are at the end of a job or project you do not like, it seems to suck the life out of you and your ability to get results.

What can you do to have more fun at work?  Me... well, I am making training and 'hype' videos for my sports league.  Best use of time?  Not sure.  A way to have fun, educate and get my athletes involved?  Yes!  And THAT... makes it all worth it.



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