Morning Motivator - Are You a 13 Year Old Girl?

"My job is not babysitting people; my job is focusing on making the best band I possibly can."
- Jerry Only

If you were not expected to be at work at a certain hour or stay until a predetermined time, how many hours would it take you to do your job?  Do you think you can accomplish all of your days work in less than 8 hours?  6 hours?  4 hours?  Less?  More?  If less, then why are you being paid to stay for 8 (or more hours)?

Because you are a 13 year old girl!  Well, not exactly, but you are being treated and managed on the same principal. 

Your job, which may include sales, management, reporting, measurement, administration and more, is defined by your job as a babysitter.  You are paid, not to produce in an effective and efficient manner, rather, you are paid to have your tail in a chair for 8 hours a day and make sure that your phone and computer do not get up and run away...

Management will be forced to change in the future.  Measurements and analytics have allowed us greater insight into the effectiveness of our efforts relative to our time.  Do you think there is a reason why Google requires people spend 1 day of their week working on "other projects"?

I suggest that the reason is because it provides a compressed time schedule, increased focus and a reward for effective work habits.  By giving less time and a greater reward for successful behaviors, Google is getting more out of their people in 4 days than most get in a week.  Additionally, they are encouraging creativity that lends to new, improved and successful projects that they can roll out to their clients.

Will managers stop asking people to come in at a certain time?  Maybe one day.  I do know this... the people that get things done and done well play by their own rules.  They work on their own schedule and on their own terms.  Don't believe me?  Watch your top sales person and see how many meetings they miss or if they are required to perform the same as the middle reps.

Start crushing it at work and they will see your value for what you accomplish, not how well you can babysit.



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